Cemetery fees April 2022

Cemetery Uploaded on July 16, 2022

CEMETERY FEES 2022/2023*

The fees set out below apply where the person to be interred, or in respect of whom the right is granted, is, or immediately before his/her death was, an inhabitant or parishioner of Trimdon Parish Council or, in the case of a stillborn child, the parents (or one of them) are, or at the time of interment, were, such inhabitants, or parishioners. In all other cases the fees payable will be doubled.

Fees as quoted, apply only where the interment is made on a weekday. Where any interment is made on a Saturday, a Bank Holiday, the day after a Bank Holiday or on a Monday, all interment fees stated will be doubled.

At the Parish Council meeting on 11 April 2017 it was agreed that all fees in respect of children’s (under the age of 16) funerals for families current resident within Trimdon Parish Council we waived.


The body of a child whose age at the time of death was under 16 years

No charge

The body of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 16 years

£175 Resident

£350 Non-resident

Interment of cremated remains

£60 Resident

£120 Non-resident

Exclusive rights of burial

£175 Resident

£350 Non-resident

Grave digging

£150 Resident

£300 Non-resident


Single Grave

£60 Resident

£120 Non-resident

Between two graves

£90 Resident

£180 Non-resident

Move monument

£40 Resident

£80 Non-resident

Add inscription

£25 Resident

£50 Non-resident

Vase instead of a monument

£25 Resident

£50 Non-resident

For all enquiries contact Trimdon Parish Council on 01429 880538

*Effective from 1 April 2023