P.A.C.T. Meeting Trimdon Colliery July 2022

Excellent attendance at last night’s PACT meeting for the Trimdon Colliery and Deaf Hill area. Lots of debate. Some progress and some frustrations vented, but most importantly it was good to see the community sticking together and supporting the police. Two County Councillors in attendance also. It is important that people continue to report their concerns to the police and pass on any information or descriptions. The police have the names of all the young people who have been involved in most incidents of antisocial behaviour. From the information shared with myself, I can say that they come from across the four Trimdons.

I would also add that fear of crime is often worse than the actuality in terms of the amount within the Trimdons. Sometimes reading posts on FB can lead you to believe that you are living in a suburb of Beruit, when in reality the Trimdons continue to be a good place to live with people still heavily engaged in the community. There are, always have been, and always will be, disaffected young people and families who are hard to engage. Some will grow out of it and some, sadly never will. But the vast majority of young people and families are good, decent and in need of community support.

We are fortunate that the Trimdons are blessed with a wealth of community organisations and community spirited people. In truth the Trimdons are well served best by the people who call one of the four Trimdons – home.

Br Joseph Hobson OCR
Clerk to Trimdon Parish Council